For Artist’s Normality(much like Nickelback) Is Highly Overrated

I am not normal. It’s always been quite appearant that’s the case, but here I am announcing it across cyberspace for everyone out there.

The status quo has more often than not illuded me. I’ve never quite understood why people base their choices of clothing, interior decorating, music, art, recreational activites on what’s popular and by default normal. Why does someone paint their walls beige when clearly their favourite color is fuschia? Why are all the toys marketed to little girls pink? Why does almost every bride wear a white or off white dress when it’s not necessarily a flattering color on her? Why are there so many Nickelback fans when the music itself is cookie-cutter generic pop-rock and Chad Kroeger’s lyrics are so glaringly thick-headed and misogynistic?

The answer is fear. People are afraid to be different even if it means suppressing their true feelings, desires and selves. People are afraid of what other people think. Humans are innately self-centred making them self-conscious by nature. Artists who are successful are those people who firstly have been able to get past the fear of expressing their true self, and secondly get past the fear of failure that would prevent them from following their dreams.

As an artist(someone who is not normal) fear is the ultimate stumbling block for my ability to create. It’s literally the only thing that can stop me. As a child I didn’t play with pink things. I had a chemistry set and crayons. Heaven forbid I ever paint a wall beige! I paint murals on my walls at home, thank you very much. My first wedding dress was black and if I ever get married again I’ll wear red. Why? Well, the real question is…why not? I like all of these things & they interest me, they turn me on, they’re a reflection of my personal tastes and personality. I’ve come to realize that I do my best work artistically speaking whether it be acting, painting, singing, dancing or playing music when I get past the fear and just be myself, and as long as I just keep being myself I will never fail at anything I do…artistically speaking.

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