A "To Do" List

So today is May 26, 2010 and I’m feeling productive and inspired because I’m riding last night’s wave of accomplishment, so I’m making myself a “to do” list for today.

1. Paint a sexy pin-up Irish themed “Happy Birthday” picture for Dan (my partner).

I have this thing with my paintings for Dan. I paint him pin-ups based on various events in our relationship together. Here’s all the ones I’ve done so far, plus a little synopsis of the event or concept that inspired it.

“You Make My Head Swim” is about the night we met in at St. Pete’s an Edmonton “gentleman’s club.” I was feeling like a fish out of water in Edmonton until I met Dan in a chance encounter VIP show.

“50cc’s Of Your Love – Stat” Well…let’s just say that we got passionately carried away on day and 13 times later I ended in the Emergency Room, but it was beautiful really because that’s when I realized that I had fallen in love with him.

“The Ultimate Conquest” like all great art, it’s about about “doing it.” Only this time it’s about conquering the libido.
“Sex Cauldron” This one is about our mutual love of The Simpson’s episode where Principal Skinner and Mrs. Crabapple hook up and Helen Lovejoy accuses them of “Having S-E-X in front of the C-H-I-L-D-R-E-N” and then Krusty says, “Sex Cauldron?! I thought they shut that place down!” Anyway, Dan and I were out on a walk and started talking about that episode and laughing about that part in particular and Dan had mention that “Sex Cauldron” would be a great name for a Halloween-themed strip club, and that the sign could have a sexy witch with a cauldron on it. He painted such a vivid picture in my mind that I had to return the favour by painting it for him on a canvas.
“From The Bottom Of My Heart” was a Valentine’s gift and I don’t think any explanation is needed.
2. Submit myself for some student films so I can get a few more screen credits on my acting resume.
It’s gotta get done, and it has been a while since I’ve exercised my acting muscles.
3. Submit my head shot to the local extra agencies.
Obviously my goal is not to be a career extra, but I’d like to make the best use of time of my hiatus from my interior design job and get as much on set experience as possible. Plus any extra cash right now isn’t gonna hurt.
This list is starting to looking pretty ambitious so I’m going to stop adding to it and see if I can get it all done today. Here’s hoping!

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