"To Do" List Update – Success!

Well, I guess 2 out of 3 isn’t bad for things to check off today’s “to do” list. I didn’t get to paint the super awesome pin-up painting for my partner Dan, but I did have a success in the acting arena.

I submitted myself for various student and independent films. The Vancouver Actor’s Guide is a fabulous resource for “beginner” actors like myself to find auditions and other industry resources. There’s a forum on there as well, and most of the other actors are very helpful and prompt when it comes to answering even the most basic questions. So, I submitted myself for 7 projects on VAG and I got 3 auditions so far out of it. Not too shabby. Actually it’s probably because I bothered to shell out the extra cash for professional headshots.
Having a good headshot is really important early on in one’s acting career as the resume will be quite lacking in credits. It’s also good to have two headshots with different looks because it showcases the actor’s versatility. I use the top headshot for roles that are sexy, wild, “bad” or alternative and the bottom one for younger, innocent, professional and more straight-laced characters.
I also checked out craigslist, and submitted for 3 projects and I did get one call out of it, but it sounds like it has about a 50% chance of being a little on the shady side, but I guess that’s the risk you take when you go on craigslist for anything. Finally, I contacted 4 local reputable background agencies for extra work.
All in all, I’d say the working day was a success! Now on to the next step of preparing for these 3 auditions.

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