You can’t win ’em all… Or can you?

As an artist, my work whether it be a song, a painting or performance is always going to be subject to subjective opinion. Not everybody will appreciate or even think that my art is good. My own grandmother thinks that my paintings are horrible and not “good” art. Mind you, she’s one of those people who only likes paintings of fruit in bowls and landscapes. *barf*

Does that mean that I’ve failed as an artist? No, but the real question is should I view my artistic “failures” with the attitude that “You can’t win ’em all?”

I used to think so. In fact, that’s how I would comfort myself if my work didn’t “speak” to someone or my art was rejected from a gallery, or I didn’t get the role I auditioned for, or didn’t win the contest I entered. However, now I’ve started viewing my own artistic endeavors from a different perspective. If my art is to be viewed subjectively, then why not view my art career subjectively? Now, every time I create something I view it as a win. The mere fact that I overcame the inital fear of failure the precedes the artistic process is a win in itself.

For example, in the past couple of weeks, I submitted myself for 10 films. Out of that, I got 5 auditions, and out of that I was definitely rejected for 2 of the roles, I rejected one because the producer was a chump, I’m still waiting to hear back from one production and finally, one director absolutely loved my work and my look, so she hired me. I could look at this like I won 1 out of 5 or my success rate is 20%, but why should I? After all, I was prepared for each audition, I brought my best work to the table and I showed up and did my job as an actor which was show the casting directors their options for casting the role. Whether or not they thought I was “right” for the role is totally out of my hands.

Another even better example is that I submitted myself to The Peak Perfomance Project which is a music contest on 100.5FM The Peak. In total I believe there were 740 entries and the top 20 would all go on to “rock n’ roll bootcamp,” recieve several thousands of dollars and get hooked up with indsutry professionals so they could further their careers, not to mention they’d get a whole bunch of radio play as well. I was hopeful so I kept my fingers crossed, but alas I recieved the standard mass rejection email that was sent to all 720 of us losers. The winning side of all of this was that I regularily post my new songs on my facebook page and my biggest highschool crush(who I pined over for 7 years) happened to listen my stuff. He sent me the longest message telling me how amazing and talented I was!

So I didn’t get to go to Rock N’ Roll Bootcamp, but I impressed the hell out of my highschool crush. Really when you get down to it, isn’t that what being a rockstar is all about?

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