The Long Journey

Sometimes it feels like forever between the times that I actually get to do Borg Queen related stuff. I have so much on the go right now. I work full time as an interior designer. I’m currently working on a musical theatre production which requires me to go to 2 evening rehearsals a week. I’m taking part-time screen acting classes, and I have 2 large dogs. It’s a lot to have to juggle.

I’m sure many of the artists out there have the exact same challenges with having to balance what they love to do with what they have to do. It’s so difficult and frustrating at times! It can be easy to get discouraged too, but there’s always that driving force inside that can’t be ignored and it says, “Jenny, this is what you were born to do. This is why you’re here on earth.” It’s true. Why else would we as artists be given these talents and abilities if not to use them and share them with the world around us?

We live in an amazing time where we have the ability and technology to do just that. I’m really learning to be thankful for the small victories and blessings of being able to create and share my art with the world. I hope all my fellow artists will listen to that voice inside them and be able to do the same. Today I am thankful that I own a a keyboard, a laptop with software that enables me to make music and then release it to the world. Today I am thankful for having a day off form work that I can work at my craft.

Life is hard. Success is a journey(a long one), and not a destination. We’re fortunate that we never have to go it alone.

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