Lapdance Romance – Explained

This song and painting based on my first meeting with my partner now of 5 years. I’m usually not one to divulge the full stories behind my creations whether it’s art or music, but this one does tell a very specific story and all of the imagery and lyrics are directly related to it.

The opening line of the song is “So you’re my next victim?” which was precisely the first thing that came out of my mouth when we first met in an Edmonton strip club that I was working at. The first think that struck me about him was his eyes. They were the color of absinthe and much like the drink made me feel giddy and completely out of control. Not a great place to be when you’re about to give someone a VIP show. The entire time I was dancing for him I was resisting my attraction in order to remain cool, confident, in control and professional. Strippers are not supposed to fall for their clients, and here I was not only finding myself incredibly attracted to this guy, but it turns out that he was really sweet, charming, funny, intelligent and respectful too. On a whim I decided to accept his invitation sit down and have a club soda with him. I invited him back the next day so we could go out for a coffee after I was done work. Well, coffee turned into what I honestly thought was going to be a one night stand, which turned into a 1 and a half year long distance realtionship and eventually a permanent partnership.

Who says you can’t find love in a strip club?

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