Does Not Work Well With Others

That would sum me up in a nutshell when it comes to my art. I have a very clear and precise vision of what I want my product to be and it’s the number one reason I don’t have a band. I am a perfectionist control freak, and I can admit it. However I am about to embark on a new journey which involve collaborating with an engineer and producer so I can polish my tracks to get them to sound “professional.”

It’s a difficult thing for me to admit, but I just can’t do everything myself. I need other people and their services and expertise to improve my art and it KILLS me to admit it! That being said, I’m going on the recommendation of my good friend and the director of my upcoming music video for Lapdance Romance Arcelia Ocana that working with engineer Alan Wong-Moon and producer
Ryan “Tweak” Clark will only serve to enhance my chances of success. At first, I was a little hesitant with the idea. My art is like my child. In fact, as horrible a parent as this makes me sound, I am more comfortable trusting other people with my kids than with my art. However after checking out their work I do feel a lot more confident about what they can do to enhance my music.

I was very impressed with Ryan Clark’s work and the fact that he has a few really well done NIN remixes in his repertoire has me sold on his musical taste, and I think we’ll probably get along pretty good. His personal work as Pur Pale is really great too. So great, that I’m actually going to recommend that you listen to my favourite song of his Someone Like You. Yup, I liked it so much that I’m actually promoting another artists work on my blog that is supposed to be about my work, Borg Queen.

So I get to meet with these guys tomorrow to see what they can do for me, and I must say that I’m pretty damn excited(and scared shit less).

I’ve always been a bit of a  lone wolf, but I guess that’s about to change

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