I Was Wrong! Alan And Ryan Are Totally Rad

As it turns out, I do work well with others, very well in fact! Who knew? Anyway, I met with Alan Wong-Moon and Ryan “Tweak” Clark last week and needless to say I instantly clicked with Ryan and we’ve been in the studio for a couple sessions now working on Lapdance Romance.

I must say that I’ve been injected with new life and it’s wonderful working with someone that really, truly “gets” me. This is really key though to the whole production process for me, because my biggest fear was that these guys were going to push my music in a direction that would ensure commercial success, but me as an artist would get lost in the uber polished production. Thank God this isn’t the case!

The track is sounding so amazing and I can’t wait for it to be done. We’re planning to release it as a single along with a music video which will be shot by Ribbit Ribbit here in the next few months. As with any art form this is all a huge process, but instead of being freaked out that I’m not getting any younger I’m enjoying every moment of creation. Thanks Ryan. You rock!

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