Designing Sets Within A Theme

I am a theme whore! I love theme parties, theme rooms, theme stripper costumes, you name it. If it’s got a them, then it’s automatically 100x more awesome in my book. Today was spent designing the padded cell set for the Hedonist music videp, but I wanted to experiment with designing with a theme. In this case, the theme is HEDONIST. So, what I did was ask myself, what kind of a padded cell would a hedonist be locked inside? The answer is this one.

The Hedonist’s Padded Cell
I’m not too sure yet as to which padded cell design I’ll be going with because I really love both concepts. The concept seen below is the padded cell of what I call the broken down lunatic. I love this one because I’m a huge fan of showing the song lyrics being scrawled in blood on the walls of the padded cell a scene in the video. 
The Broken Down Lunatic’s Padded Cell

Ugh! So many creative ideas, and it’s so hard to choose a direction. What do you think? Which padded cell do you like better?

2 thoughts on “Designing Sets Within A Theme”

  1. The Red, but there should be a point in this short music film where 'The Broken Down Lunatic's Padded Cell' appears briefly/quickly(a tasteful appearance), or perhaps ends with the lunatics cell at the end and then fades to black..?


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