Costume Design For The Hedonist Music Video

As much as I love trying to promote the hell out of my music video Lapdance Romance what I really love to do is make music videos. As a visual artist and a musician music videos are the perfect medium for a creative such as myself. My next music video Hedonist is what I’m now focusing my attention on.  The music video/song is about a descent into insanity and using various forms of hedonism to escape the pain of domestic abuse. 

Today I came up with a costume design that I’ll be wearing in the video. I’ll be wearing it in the scenes that take place in the Hedonist’s padded cell. 

The Hedonist in her padded cell

The song is based on my own experience with domestic violence and how enduring years of abuse fractured my psyche into different people – The Good Girl(the real me), The Hedonist(the alcoholic me) and The Lunatic(the mentally ill me). The two costumes below are The Hedonist(left) and The Good Girl(right).

The Good Girl
The Hedonist

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