Surgery: A Visual Metaphor For Domestic Violence

I’m truly grateful to be able to express myself  as Borg Queen through several different mediums. Right now I’m in the thick of production design for another music video for my upcoming album Sex, Drugs & Shiny Brass Poles. The video in question is for Hedonist, a song about domestic violence. Surgery is the visual I’ve chosen to convey the profoundly deep violation of being abused by a partner. Much like surgery, the recovery process for abuse can be just as painful as the actual acts of abuse.

Today, I designed the surgeon character for the operating room scenes. I’m still torn between which set design I’m going to use for the operating room. Any feedback would be welcome. Let me know which operating room you like best in the comments section.
The Surgeon Character Design For Hedonist

Victorian Inspired Operating Room Set

Retro Inspired Operating Room Set

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