I’m Not Perfect And That’s OK

One of the most profound realizations that I came to while going through alcohol recovery 8 years ago was that I’m human and that means that I’m not perfect nor will I ever be. I was raised by a perfectionist to be a perfectionist. I come from a long line–on my mom’s side at least–of chronic, nit-picking, judgmental perfectionists who are never satisfied with anything. There is always a reason to complain and point out the faults of others. Of course, they justify their finger wagging in the name of “constructive criticism,” but the years of my childhood spent worrying that my I was never good enough, and the years of drowning myself in alcohol so I could just relax for once would beg to differ.

However, I’ve resolved to break the family tradition and just let myself be an imperfect human being. This is the reason that I’ve decided to post unfinished tracks on my soundcloud for my fans to listen to. I have versions of songs without any pitch correction on the vocals to show the world and remind myself that much like my art, I am a work in progress. I work to better myself and my craft, but I will never be perfect. So I invite you to enjoy this imperfect unfinished instrumental backing track for my song This Is Real.

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