Depression: There Is Hope

In the wake of Robin Williams’ death there has been a seemingly increased online conversation about depression. Depression is a topic that affects everyone, not just the sufferers, but this post is directed to those who are currently battling this all encompassing disease. I’m not anybody famous, or noteworthy. I’m just an artist telling her story. I’ve suffered from depression since childhood and I’ve learned some things about depression that I’d like to share.

1. It’s OK That You’re Depressed Right Now
Life has many seasons. There are ups and downs. It’s OK and even normal to go through periods of depression.If you’re struggling with depression right now, know that it’s OK to be depressed. If this is where you currently are on you’re life’s journey then accept that this is where you’re at right now is the first step to recovery.

2. Depression Is A Legitimate Medical Condition
I’m not going into too much scientific detail on this one, because it’s a mainstream medical view that depression is a medical condition. Should a diabetic be overcome with guilt because of their medical condition? Of course not, and neither should you.

3.Your Illness Does Not Define You
No one single characteristic that you possess defines you. Your age, race, sexual orientation, religion, marital status, parental status, disability, career or medical condition are simply characteristics that make you more multidimensional, but not a single one of these things will add value or devalue your worth. Just because a person is blind for example doesn’t mean that being blind is all that there is too them, and it certainly doesn’t make them any less valuable. Similarly, being depressed does not devalue your worth as a person.  You are just as incredible, worthwhile and unique whether you’re feeling wonderful or in currently stuck the pit of despair.

4. There Is Hope
You may not feel like there is any hope right now, but I promise you as someone who struggles with this illness, that there is hope and you are loved. You may say to yourself, but I have no one and I’m all alone, so how can anyone love me? Maybe you’re not surrounded with the right people right now, but at some point in your life, if it hasn’t already happened, you will be loved by someone. So hang in there. Love is worth living for and it will find you, but the first step to letting love find you is to learn to love yourself. Help is available and there are many people who do care, and have dedicated their lives to helping people suffering from depression. You don’t need to suffer in silence anymore, so talk to someone, you’d be surprised at how supportive people really are.

Because this is my blog about my art and music I’m including an instrumental version of a song and the painting I’ve about overcoming depression called My Resurrection. My biggest reason for sharing my art with the world is that I know the power it has to reach people and touch them on a personal level. One of my greatest influences Trent Reznor is famous for writing songs about isolation and depression. Listening to his music has been therapeutic for me because it’s made realize that I’m not alone in this and there are others out there who do understand. I’ve also posted some links at the bottom of this page to resources available to those suffering from depression.

Online Depression Resources – WebMD

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