The Origin Of Borg Queen

As I look back over the past 8 years I’m amazed at how something that began as an art therapy project has snowballed into this elaborate multi-media multi-disciplinary integrated art and music project I’ve named Borg Queen.

8 years ago I decided to get sober and that involved making some huge changes in my life which included leaving an abusive relationship. At the time I was working as a stripper after deciding the I just didn’t want to use my artistic abilities to make video games. I know, sounds like a cool job right? Well, it was OK, and definitely a great learning experience, but I just wasn’t passionate about it. So when my contract ended I fell back on my old stand by means of making money- exotic entertainment.

Some of you might be asking yourselves, isn’t exotic entertainment just a PC or elaborate way of saying stripper? Yes, and no, but for me as an artist and performer I really truly enjoy entertaining people, and getting naked honestly just isn’t that big of a deal to me. So for me, I consider my form of “Naked Halloween” to be exotic entertainment.

At that point in my life when this all began, I was just taking it “one day at a time” as the old recovery mantra goes, so I was just really grateful to be alive, free of abuse and sober. What I started to realize in my new sober state of mind was that my greatest educational experience was the lessons I was learning from being a strip…uh, I mean exotic dancer. No, seriously. Working in strip clubs has allowed me to study psychology, sociology, anthropology, business, economics, performance art and feminist studies all while making a decent wage.

I needed to do something to keep myself sane and sober between shows, so I decided to do a series of paintings based on the life lessons I was learning from my experiences as a dancer. What I didn’t expect that while I was spreading the paint across the canvas was that I would start to hear music and chain together lyrics. I hadn’t touched a music instrument in several years, but I dusted off my guitar and started writing songs again. I soon graduated to a USB keyboard and software synths. I named my little project Borg Queen because I love Star Trek and I felt that cyborgs are a great metaphor for what I do as an artist by merging organic and synthetic mediums.

Before I knew it I had written 10 songs and done 10 paintings! I’m calling this compilation of songs and paintings Sex, Drugs & Shiny Brass Poles. It’s been in the works for a long time now, but the end is in sight, productionwise anyway. So far, I’ve released a single and music video Lapdance Romance, and I’m really looking forward to the release of this album. I’m hesitant to give out any firm dates yet, but SOON…

Album Art For Sex, Drugs & Shiny Brass Poles

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