Begging & Bragging For Votes

My music video Lapdance Romance is on the BEAT100 chart and I really need some votes to make it climb higher.

NOTE: To vote click on the blue link that says “View on BEAT100”  and then click the “Vote” button, or click here

My dilemma is how do I get my social media “friends” to vote for it without coming off as desperate and annoying. Truthfully, I know that of my 700+ facebook friends only a small fraction of them actually give a fuck about what I do as an artist and an even smaller portion actually enjoy the style of music I create. Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t want to come off as cynical because nobody like a whiny little bitch, but how do I get people to care about what I do?

I hate begging because it’s undignified and I hate boasting because I don’t want to be a Kanyesque douche who claims they’re a “big deal.” However, how do I reach a wider audience unless I start acting like I am a big deal and asking for people to help me?

Should I just do it? Should I just Kanye it up and tell everyone I’m a big deal enough times until they believe it too? It seemed to work for him. Maybe I should make a bigger deal about myself. After all I am pretty talented.

Should I beg for votes? I mean really, marketing experts tell us that it takes 3 impressions of an ad for us to even take notice of it. Maybe I should advertise my video 3 times a day on my feed and make a heartfelt plea about how much it means to me to have my art supported.

At the time that I’m writing this blog entry I’ve received 15 votes from friends on facebook. It’s kinda disheartening. I’d love to get more votes. The votes won’t make me any money, but the higher I climb in the charts is another achievement that I can add to my bio which will in turn make me look like a bigger deal when I submit my music to larger market media outlets.

So fuck it! Fuck my dignity, I’m going to be shameless, PLEASE VOTE!!!!!

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