SPOILER ALERT! Preview For Hedonist Music Video Script – Part 1

Hedonist the music video has been a huge undertaking. As pleased as I am with Lapdance Romance, my goal is to make Lapdance Romance look like and idiot compared to Hedonist. Hedonist is going to have 4 sets  with separate action sequences that relate the overall concept of the song visually. I’ve decided to post the scripts I’ve written for each set in a 4 part series.

The first of the sets is what I’ve called…

The Psychiatrist’s Office Of The Mind’s Eye

What this set represents is the inner monologue we all have with ourselves as we try to make sense of all the shit that happens to us. In this scene my character is having a therapy session with their inner psychiatrist.

Scene 1
INT: Psychiatrist’s Office

The office space is surreal like something in a dream and somewhat reminiscent of a Salvador Dali painting. The room appears to be floating in the sky, just above the clouds. The floor is black and white marble laid in a chess board pattern. The bottom 3 feet of the walls are covered in a solid wood paneling framed in by a 4” baseboard and matching chair rail. Above the chair rail the walls disappear entirely opening out to the blue sky scattered with billowy cumulous clouds slowly floating by. Paintings with ornate gold frames appear to be floating in mid-air around the room. A series of framed ink blot tests float next to a red contemporary chair positioned adjacent to a black chaise lounge.

The psychiatrist is seated in the red chair. He’s a tall, slim, dignified looking man around 40. He’s dressed in a mostly black neo Victorian ensemble. His black tousled hair is chin length and frames his face softening his angled features. A pair of slightly tinted round spectacles rest in the lower part of his nose revealing his piercing crystal blue eyes lined with smoky charcoal eyeliner.
Seated across from him is the patient. She is a porcelain skinned young woman with white and purple hair immaculately coifed into 2 horns elaborately decorated with ribbons, feathers and jewels. Her green eyes are rimmed with dramatic long eyelashes and black eyeliner that gradually fades into red complementing her deep scarlet lips. She is wearing a shiny black latex and pvc ballgown with a tightly corseted bodice held together with chunky chrome clasps.

The psychiatrist begins their session by showing the patient as series of ink blot images that appear to be morphing and distorting in front of the patient’s eyes. He presents her the first image.

“Tell me what you see”
“A bride and groom”

The image begins to distort after she gives her answer.

“Wait! It’s a fist.”

The image continues to distort.

“No! It’s rape.” 
The psychiatrist then directs the patient over to an easel with a blank canvas and directs her to start painting. She picks up the largest brush she can and loads it with black and red paint. She slaps the paint on to the canvas and violently spreads the paint around mixing the colors together with her brush strokes.

The patient focuses intently on the task at hand and continues to paint in a frenzy of creative madness. She steps back from the canvas indicating to the psychiatrist that she is finished. He approaches the canvas and stares at the painting. A mutilated woman with all four limbs hacked off is strapped to an operating table. Her mouth is pried open and she is being force fed through a large tube that leads to a vodka bottle suspended from an IV stand. She has been surgically altered and fitted with four tubes that attach to the ends of the stumps that used to be her arms and legs. The tubes lead to a tank where another human is being grown inside.

The psychiatrist questions his patient as to the significance of the imagery. The patient explains that it’s a visual metaphor for how she used substance abuse to cope with domestic violence, and through the use of various substances created an alter ego. Her alter ego is The Hedonist, a woman who escapes her pain by stimulating the pleasure center of the brain. However through her hedonism, she became an addict. Her demons of addiction held her down and trapped her into a vicious cycle that seemingly had no escape, until she realized that to escape the control of her abuser she had to first stop abusing herself.    

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