SPOILER ALERT! Preview For Hedonist Music Video Script – Part 2

Today’s blog post is Part 2 of a 4 part series where I am giving you a preview of the actual script we’ll be using to shoot my upcoming music video Hedonist.

Hedonist the music video has been a huge undertaking. As pleased as I am with my last music video Lapdance Romance, my goal is to make Lapdance Romance look like and idiot compared to HedonistHedonist is going to have 4 sets  with separate action sequences that relate the overall concept of the song visually. I’ve decided to post the scripts I’ve written for each set in a 4 part series.

In my first post of this series I revealed the script for The Psychiatrist’s Office of  the Mind’s Eye. It’ lays down the premise and overall concept for the video. The the second of the sets is what I’ve called…

The Padded Cell of Hedonism

This set is where my character “The Patient” goes to escape the pain of being abused and forms yet another abusive relationship with “Hedonism.”

Scene 1
INT: Padded Cell
A shiny red vinyl padded cell with Hedonism, a god-like figure
with glistening silver skin reclining on a chaise lounge wearing
an opulent flowing black and silver brocade silk cloak. He is
visually a combination between the Roman god of wine Bacchus and
Gary Oldman as “old Dracula” from the 1992 film Dracula with a
gothic twist.
At Hedonism’s feet is a heavily tatooed shirtless slave boy
fanning him. A female slave enters with a bottle of wine on a
tray. She pours Hedonism a glass of wine and hands it to him.
Hedonism chugs back the entire glass and hands it back to the
female slave.
Hedonism claps his hands summoning two nurses each with a slave
on a leash. The nurses inject the slaves with a drug that has an
aphrodisiac effect. The slaves fall to the floor and begin making
out while Hedonism watches with a satisfied look on his face.
Scene 2
INT: Padded Cell
Hedonism reclines on his chaise lounge as he is fanned by a male
slave at his feet and fed hors d’erves by a female slave.
Hedonism is surrounded by an entourage of hedonists dancing,
drinking and making out with each other.
As his face is being stuffed with food, a female hedonist “The
Hedonist” approches him. She is dressed in what could be
described best as black shiny Victorian fetish wear. Hedonism
motions for her to sit down with him. He summons for his female
slave to bring wine. The female slave pours two glasses of wine
and hands one to Hedonism and one to The Hedonist. The Hedonist and Hedonism clink their glasses as a toast to their union.
Hedonism motions for his male slave to come over and attend to
The Hedonist’s every desire. The male slave moves behind The
Hedonist and begins stroking and kissing her neck. The Hedonist
turns her face to the male slave and kisses him passionately. As
they’re kissing a nurse enters and straps a collar around The
Hedonist’s neck.
Scene 3
INT: Padded Cell
Nurse #1’s contorted body is positioned on the chaise lounge.
Nurse #2 has The Hedonist handcuffed with a leash attached to the
collar around her neck. Nurse #2 lays out two lines of a powdered
substance on Nurse #1’s contorted body. Nurse #2 snorts a line
off of Nurse #1’s body and then commands The Hedonist to do a
line as well. The Hedonist complies.

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