SPOILER ALERT! Preview For Hedonist Music Video Script – Part 3

Today’s blog post is Part 3 of a 4 part series where I am giving you a preview of the actual script we’ll be using to shoot my upcoming music video Hedonist.

Hedonist the music video has been a huge undertaking. As pleased as I am with my last music video Lapdance Romance, my goal is to make Lapdance Romance look like and idiot compared to HedonistHedonist is going to have 4 sets  with separate action sequences that relate the overall concept of the song visually. I’ve decided to post the scripts I’ve written for each set in a 4 part series.

In my first post of this series I revealed the script for The Psychiatrist’s Office of  the Mind’s Eye. It’ lays down the premise and overall concept for the video.

The the second of the sets is what I’ve called The Padded Cell of Hedonism. The set is where my character goes to escape the pain of being abused, and is a visual metaphor for my character’s relationship with hedonism. Hedonism is portrayed as a physical being who rules the world inside the cell and ultimately seduces my character to over indulge in substance use until she becomes an addict.

The third set is called…

The Padded Cell of Terror and Art Therapy

This set is all about my character “The Patient” coming to the grim realization that she is an addict trapped in a vicious cycle of domestic abuse and substance abuse.

A digital mock up of “The Padded Cell of Terror and Art Therapy”
A test shot of the set and myself as “The Patient.” 

INT: Padded Cell
A dirty worn down padded cell with a female patient curled in the fetal position unconcious in the centre wearing tattered Victorian style lingere. As she awakes from her drug induced stupor she sits up into a cross-legged position and begins to survey her surroundings. She crawls around in an attempt to understand where she is. She stands up and begins to pushes on the pads feeling them and looking for a means of escape.

Panic starts to set in as she realizes that she’s trapped an there is no way out. She screams, but no one hears her. She begins to scratch herself on the face, neck and arms as she continues to search for a way out. When it becomes appearant that there is no way out, she falls to her knees and begins screaming to release the fear and rage that has overtaken her body.

She wraps her arms around herself for comfort and stares at the mutilation she’s caused herself. She ponders for a moment staring at one of the scratches on her forearm. She runs the tip of her fingernail through the scratch scooping up the blood oozing out of the wound, then licks the blood off the tip of her fingernail. She impulsively bites into the top of her hand tearing a chunk of flesh away. The sensation of the pain endorphins rushing through her veins is almost orgasmic. She dips her fingernail in to the hand wound that is gushing blood and scoops out a liberal amount and begins scrawling the words, “I used to be a good girl, I used to really care” on the walls of the cell.  She continues to use her hand wound as a palette, her blood as paint and her fingernail as her brush while painting the lyrics to Hedonist as a form of art therapy.

As she’s painting the last line of the song, two nurses enter. The nurses’ job is to prevent the patient from expressing herself so they jump on top of her. One nurse holds the patient down as the other nurse injects the patient’s neck with a sedative. The patient now catatonic and complaint allows the nurses to straight jacket her. The nurses lay her down on her back and place a metal gag into her mouth to pry it open. They want to ensure that the patient is never able to express herself again so they pour an entire bottle of liquid suspension type medication down her throat and then shove an entire bottle of pills down her throat.

The nurses satisfied that the patient is sufficiently drugged, leave the cell. The patient is left alone, straight-jacketed in the middle of the cell.

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