“Borg Queen is turning heads with a distinct industrial goth rock sound. The rocker is introducing a never before heard sound that will inevitably make its way into the hearts of rock fans of every sector. Lapdance Romance brings to the sound factory a measure of funk and plenty of sex-appeal.”
Borg Queen “Lapdance Romance” a Lusty Goth Rock Tale – Scandalouswomen.

“Lapdance Romance, is like listening to a modern musical equivalent of an Edgar Allen Poe poem.”
Borg Queen: Lapdance Romance is packed with passion and power! | JamSphere.

Independent Music News 24
“Borg Queen is a unique Industrial artist with her own original sound…A little more sensual than Nine Inch Nails and a little less aggressive than Ministry, Borg Queen orbits neatly in-between the two and focuses on the soul instead….Jenny Kirby’s voice brings the haunting and brooding lyrics to life…Jenny displays such passion behind her lyrics and vocal work, being a real treat to listen to, while the music that accompanies it is tight and very well put together.”
IndependentMusicNews24 | Borg Queen: “Lapdance Romance” – A beautifully twisted tale, about love, lust, desire and despair..

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» Borg Queen “Lapdance Romance”.

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» Borg Queen “Lapdance Romance”.

A/V Revolution Music
Borg Queen – Lapdance Romance | A/V Revolution Music. here!
Borg Queen “Lapdance Romance” | here!.

Borg Queen “Lapdance Romance” | a Music Promoter.

Rising Artist: Borg Queen | Entertwine: The Entertainment Blog.

The Band Camp Diaries
“It is always incredibly inspiring when you stumble upon artists who are actually able and willing to transcend diverse media in order to share their vision, their passion and their art. This is definitely the case of Borg Queen.”
(Borg Queen (review + interview)).

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